Facility for coronavirus patients with disabilities
Facility for coronavirus patients with disabilitiesSeeach Sod

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When a person with disabilities tests positive for coronavirus, he faces complications that go well beyond the potentially deadly virus itself. His special needs make it difficult for him to cope in a regular hospital setting.

As the virus spread throughout Israel these past few weeks, Seeach Sod, at the forefront in servicing the special needs population, instantly sprang into action. Working in tandem with the Welfare Ministry, Seeach Sod came up with a revolutionary solution: to set up a specialized facility for people with disabilities who were diagnosed with a mild case of coronavirus.

The facility, which is staffed with medical professionals experienced in treating this population, is located in the Seeach Sod's Ramot Campus. It’s an ideal place to recuperate from an illness. Situated in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramot, the facility boasts spacious rooms, a gorgeous view, fresh mountain air and a unique therapeutic playground. The facility is fully equipped with medical supplies as well as with all the hospitality amenities, and is spacious enough to accommodate separate areas for men and women.

Rav Shimon Levy, CEO of Seeach Sod, explains that this is just the latest in a series of measures they’ve undertaken to help their students adjust to this difficult time. These include:
Setting up a facility for people with disabilities who are in quarantine
Arranging Individualized remote learning programs for all of the students in their special education system
Greatly expanding their programming for residents in their supported housing, who are now at home all day

“I’m hopeful that, with Hashem’s help, we’ll get through this crisis quickly and safely,” says Rabbi Levy. “I’m extremely grateful for all of our dedicated partners in this effort.”

These include the Welfare, Health and Education ministries, local government bodies, the Seeach Sod parents and staff, and of course, all of their supporters throughout the world.

“We know that, in times of crisis especially, we can count on you to help us continue to help them.”

Click here to help those with disabilities and special needs get through this crisis