Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz Flash 90

The Blue and White Party is threatening to advance legislation that would prevent an MK who is under indictment from forming a government as negotiations on the formation of a unity government stall.

Officials within Benny Gantz's party feel that Prime Minister Netanyahu is deliberately delaying coalition negotiations and that he would prefer to have Gantz's mandate to form the government expire so he can receive the mandate instead.

Channel 12 News reported significant difficulties in the coalition negotiations. The Likud is demanding that the government be able to apply sovereignty within the next six months, but Blue and White is insisting that only a debate on the issue take place in the next six months.

Likud officials said: "It doesn't make sense since within six months the window of opportunity for sovereignty will close. We will not establish a left-wing government."

Likewise, Likud is not prepared for MK Avi Nissenkorn to be the Justice Minister if there is no joint decision-making mechanism, especially around the important appointments in the legal system and the Justice Ministry. The Likud agrees to appoint Hili Tropper the minister, but Blue and White prefers Nissenkorn and also claims that the Likud's joint mechanisms are illegal.

The identity of the next Knesset Speaker is also a source of controversy. According to the report, several Blue and White MKs insist that MK Yuli Edelstein not be reappointed as the Knesset Speaker due to his refusal to carry out a court order. A party involved in the talks said that "there is a feeling that Netanyahu favors Yariv Levin."