Hamas leaders
Hamas leaders Flash 90

The Hamas terror organization has issued a statement calling on the “Palestinian” public to “raise the Palestinian flag in homes to mark the 44th anniversary of Land Day, symbolizing the Palestinian struggle to liberate Palestinian land.”

In the statement, Hamas noted that “there is no way to liberate the land and the people except by way of struggle, and there is no future for bargaining and selling, and [let there be] no further conquest and no [more] victory for aggression.”

Hamas also stated that “marking Land Day is a Palestinian consensus, and this year it falls out during a period of the spread of the coronavirus epidemic that Israel wants to exploit in order to continue its attacks against the land and the Palestinian people.”

Hamas did not explain how Israel is “exploiting” the coronavirus pandemic to harm Arabs.

The organization repeatedly expressed its sharp opposition to the “Deal of the Century” (the US proposal for a brokered peace deal) and the “Nationality Law” that was enacted in Israel two years ago.