Kahlon GPO

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon today announced his upcoming retirement from political life.

In a statement to the media in which he outlined the essentials of the economic aid program to deal with the coronavirus crisis, Kahlon issued a message regarding his retirement.

"After more than 17 years of having the privilege to serve as MK and as the media, finance, and welfare minister, I intend with the new government's establishment to retire from political life," Kahlon stated.

"In all my years, I've done my best to serve the people and the State. I end my job with a sense of satisfaction. Doing isn't only in the Knesset and government," he added.

"I'll continue to serve the public wherever I am," the Finance Minister said.

כחלון מציג את עיקרי התכנית הכלכלית למשבר הקורונה לע"מ