Home Front Command in fight against coronavirus
Home Front Command in fight against coronavirus IDF Spokesperson

Hundreds of IDF soldiers will be deployed on the streets of Israel this morning, Sunday, to help enforce restrictions on movement as part of the fight to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

For the time being, 500 soldiers will be integrated into policing work, but the IDF is also preparing to expand the assistance to police. In the next stage, 1,000 soldiers will be sent on missions and, afterward, in the event that restrictions are indeed tightened, 3,000 soldiers will be sent on policing missions.

Later today, an online government meeting is expected, during which proposals for additional movement restrictions that will leave the economy active by only about 20% or even less will be discussed.

These measures, including the possibility of freezing the construction industry, a move expected to have a dramatic effect on the stock exchange, are scheduled to take effect, should they be adopted at the government meeting, starting tomorrow morning.