Israel Post (illustrative)
Israel Post (illustrative) T.P.S.

Communications Minister David Amsalem (Likud) on Tuesday allowed Israel Post to prepare to reduce large gatherings of employees, in accordance with Health Ministry guidelines.

The decision was made following the presentation of data which showed a significant drop in the number of Israelis arriving at the post office - form 100,000 or more per day, to just 40,000 per day.

In addition, most of the customers are arriving during the morning hours, due to the emergency orders going into force.

At the same time, Amsalem said that on the days when National Insurance Institute stipends are given out, the postal service must expand its hours of operation at locations where it is customary to hand out stipends. These locations should have as many staff members available as possible, he said.

Amsalem also urged expanding the option to allow more people to receive their stipends via a prepaid card, which is then sent to the customer's home.

Israel Post will publish its updated hours of operation on its website.

"The postal services are an essential business in normal times, and during times of emergency its importance grows even more. The postal service will continue being provided to citizens, but accommodations should be made in accordance with Health Ministry guidelines, in order to ensure the public health," Amsalem said.