Zusha Brandwein in Jerusalem the day before his disappearance
Zusha Brandwein in Jerusalem the day before his disappearanceSecurity footage

Remnants of clothing belonging to 29-year-old resident of Bat Ayin, Zusha Brandwein, including pants, a shirt, and remains of a guitar were located near the Michvar Observation Point.

Zusha had apparently gone out hiking alone in the Judean Desert and has been missing since March 5. Megilot search and rescue forces are working to locate him and all avenues of investigation are being explored.

After searches in the Judean Desert area, the family released a video saying, "After two weeks of searches and investigations during which we left no stone unturned, Zusha remains missing. The last time he was seen for certain in the Judean Desert he was with Palestinians and, since then, he has disappeared."

Family members and friends continued the search for Brandwein's whereabouts after his clothes were found in the Judean Desert area.

In a statement, they said, "Unfortunately, it has been decided to halt the search. But we will not rest until we find him and will not be silent till the truth about his disappearance is uncovered."