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Haim Toledano is delighted and proud: “Another exceptional Israeli achievement that will benefit our economy and reputation worldwide.”

The largest exit in the history of Israeli cyber enterprises was completed January 2020. Haim Toledano – an international financial adviser – responded on the news: “I have been following Armis Security’s evolution over the last 4 years, so achieving this exit came as no surprise to me.”

This $1.1 billion deal was a very joyful occasion for Armis Security's founders, who had completed its acquisition by Insight fund early 2020. As stated, this has been the largest exit in the history of Israeli cyber enterprises, and is the third largest deal made in Israel.

“Cyber is the future,” stated Toledano, “whether defense or attack related cyber, enterprises of this kind are likely to succeed as long as they keep a level-headed sensible business approach. This is the first of many to come.”

Armis Security founded in 2015 is run by Nadir Israel and Yevgeny Dibrov. It has been producing cyber-attack defense systems from day one, and is considered a pioneer and leading in its field. Its 240 employees provide services to its clients in over 160 countries around the world.


“No wonder an enterprise like Armis Security achieves such an accomplishment,” Toledano stated following the deal signing. “This is a celebratory day to its employees and management, and I am certain that in this multi-billion dollar-a-year market there is room for companies dedicated to similar solutions.” Haim Toledano further stated that “this deal will likely lead to growth in company personnel, meaning in addition to its ongoing operations it will need to find the balance between its ongoing operations and the constraints of growth.”

This is one of many acquisitions Toledano had witnessed. In the course of his career in Israel and around the globe he had witnessed very successful deals alongside not-so-successful ones. Over the last 20 years Toledano had advised dozens of global organizations, supporting them in times of success, and in times of crisis. His years of experience and the reputation he had made for himself established him as a renowned authority figure in the financial world.

An official had stated that, “Armis Security is a role model for Israeli hi-tech companies, including cyber companies who awarded Israeli with impressive reputation echoing for afar. That is Israeli pride!”


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