Preparing new ward to receive coronavirus patients
Preparing new ward to receive coronavirus patients Flash 90

The Health Ministry reports that the number of people infected with the coronavirus disease in Israel as of Tuesday evening at 22:00 is 337 people.

Five infected patients are in serious condition, 10 are in moderate condition, and 311 are in mild condition. Eleven people have already recovered from the disease.

Health Ministry Director Prof. Moshe Bar Siman Tov said: "Even in our best-case scenarios, there will be thousands of patients in Israel and people here will die. This is not the time to go to the parks and the beach - just sit at home," he said.

"Italy's scenarios can happen here as well. Whatever we do - we will see an increase in the number of patients in coming days. Thousands in Israel could die from coronavirus," he said.

"If we take the steps, we can flatten the curve. There'll still be many people who will die and many more will fall ill, but we can reach everyone... the ability to lower the number of patients depends on your behavior.

"We feel there isn't enough internalization among the public of the need to adhere to the guidelines. We're used to thinking that it won't happen to us, that this will be a small incident, but that's not the reality we're preparing for. We must be prepared for other scenarios like in Italy and Spain."

Facemasks in near-empty busses: Coronavirus
Facemasks in near-empty busses: Coronavirus Flash 90
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