A starred-shortened number
A starred-shortened number PIXABAY

Shortened phone number services for companies are becoming more popular by the day, resulting in many businesses turning to Kochavit HaMutag for this service.

There are many advantages in providing a shortened number to customers, such as, an easy to remember number that stands out among many advertised numbers, which in turn allows for an easy communication channel between the business and its customers.

Other advantages include, marketing the business as an esteemed brand, integrating the number easily with various advertising media. In other words, a starred number strategically advances the business while serving as a significant factor in increasing business revenue.

Currently, there are many suppliers offering short phone number services to businesses. However, before settling on one, you need to carefully review the company's professionalism, prices, various packages (especially the fine print)) and the quality of service provided. Many suppliers, however, take advantage of the customers' lack of understanding and often subsequently offer packages incompatible with the customer's needs at high prices, or just a basic service that won't advance the business' needs. It will be wise to consult with other business owners, colleagues from the same business field and other people who have experience in using the service, in order to make an informed and sensible choice.

Kochavit HaMutag: Why we're exclusive

Kochavit HaMutag is a leading service company in the shortened number business.

We provide a starred-shortened number service to businesses in conjunction with the leading telecommunications companies in Israel. We provide short numbers for leading brands in the economy, with the highest level of customer service. So what's the secret to our success? And why should you receive this service from us?

Customized Package: At Kochavit HaMutag, we customize our service package to meet our customer's needs. There are many companies, however, that offer different packages and prices, but only we customize ourselves to fit your needs. We understand that different businesses have diverse needs, with different goals and restrictions. Our vast experience in this field gives us the competitive advantage in our field, and together with our understanding of each customer, we customize the packages. Fair Prices: There are many companies in the starred-shortened number field, that charge relatively very high prices in turn for their product. But there are other companies that offer apparent attractive price packages, but in truth, there is a good reason for the low price.

We at Kochavit HaMutag, are committed that fairest price and service, that will reflect all our advantages. Monitoring Service: This service can accurately estimate the customer's communication with your business. Specifically, it can analyze which customers reached your business via different marketing mediums. This service provides the opportunity to receive a measure of effectivness of different marketing campaigns, and to draw conclusions from them, all through obtaining a shortened number for a specific campaign.

This service also relieves you from searching for answers from your sales agents, who often forget integral information about customers who arrived via different advertisements. Quality and Professional Service: Quality customer service is not a luxury of massive companies. Rather is a critical prerequisite in creating a good customer experience and allowing to feel the we are her for them. We invite you to enjoy our high quality professional service through our esteemed team, who will be happy to assist you with your inquiries. Please contact us. We are happy to help.


A starred-shortened number for businesses offers great potential for accelerating your business. It is wise, however, to receive this service from a company with a strong reputation with lot of experience. Kochavit HaMutag provides the shortened number service to hundreds of companies and businesses, including leading brands in many different fields. This is in part because of our professionalism =, quality customer service and customized service packaging. Additionally, Kochavit HaMutag, offers telephone traffic monitoring for analyzation of promotional campaigns for businesses, as well as fair prices.

If you are a business owner and are interested in taking the next step for your business, contact us and receive your starred-shortened number, that will transform your business to a leading brand.

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