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A Real Estate Transaction Without the Proof-Reading of a Trained Lawyer May Prove to Be a Risky decision in Our Day and Age

Some agreements between people require more than just a handshake or mere spoken words. In some cases, legal assistance is required and who is better than a lawyer armed to the teeth with all the answers to your questions? You guessed right, a lawyer! Only a lawyer can prevent crucial & critical mistakes quickly and efficiently and save you from contractual hell and maybe even a raid by the Internal Revenue Service for failure to file your business taxes the right way. As extreme as the last statement sounds, these sorts of occurrences do go on every day in some countries.

What is Important to Know When Seeking the Advice of a Real Estate Lawyer

From selling to buying properties or even to what we Israelis call “PINUY-BINUY”, (to renovate an old building, turning it like new), it is imperative that you seek the advice of a lawyer. The search for a lawyer maybe a bit tricky. Where and who to look for? There are plenty of lawyers out there but not all are equal. There is no substitute for experience, and a professional law firm with years of success stories under their belts is the kind of law firm you should seek. A good law firm is a company of experts who have seen and won many cases of different kinds and levels, and that experience alone arms any good law firm with all the right answers to your questions. Now of course you can ask for the advice of friends, relatives or the internet, but that never substitutes real time professional advice from a lawyer. That’s why the law industry still exist. Think about it for a moment!

And finally, it is important to note that you need to seek a Real Estate “ONLY” law firm and not some law firm that deals with some cases of real estate law and many other areas of the law under one umbrella. You want to be sure that the firm you are engaging with is a “complete” real estate law firm to better tackle your real estate issues.

Aviv Tasa – Your Go to Real Estate Law Firm

Want to make a sale but not sure where and how to begin? Are you faced with a long and gibberish contract in that it looks like it is written in Chinese because it is nearly impossible to make any sense of all those legalistic terms & words? The attorney’s office of Aviv Tasa will have all the answers to your questions and more. This highly rated law firm provides a plethora of services and deals in many areas of law such as, you guessed it, real estate, urban renewals, condominiums, real estate taxes and much more.

In addition to the many construction projects of Aviv Tasa’s law firm, the firm oversees every legal aspect of any project it undertakes. Some of their major projects include the innovative office project in Check Post in Haifa, the TAMA 38/1 project in the Tel Aviv circle, 38/1 TAMA in Herzog in Bat Yam, TAMA 38/2 on the KKL-JNF and Shapira streets in Rishon Lezion, “PINUY-BINUY” in Hapa'amoni street in Tel Aviv and TAMA 38/1 in Tel Hai street in Ramat Gan.

When it comes to managing and directing multi-faceted projects, the office of Aviv Tasa has many success stories to boast about and many happy clients to attest to the true quality and value brought upon when engaging with Aviv Tasa’s law firm. If you need a law firm to fight hard for you and who is armed with all the latest legal updates, then look no further than the law firm of Aviv Tasa!

Getting to Know the Different Areas of Real Estate

In order to get a good grasp of why is it that you require the assistance of a quality real estate firm, it’s important that we examine the facts.

Acquisition of property:

Many of us want to purchase a property in order to feel financial security & stability. But, in order to make that purchase of your dream apartment, several tests must be performed before the purchase is made.

Here are some important things a real estate attorney looks for:

• Who is the owner of the apartment - One of the more important things to do when buying an apartment is to check the identity of the owner of the apartment. It must be ascertained whether the apartment belongs to the seller by means of the registration form by a real estate bureau called the taboo formula. If the apartment is not listed in the taboo, the lawyer can insist on her registration.

• Is it a mortgaged apartment - when we buy an apartment, we do not want its debt to be shared. The lawyer can find out if the landlord intends to leave debts behind, if the apartment is mortgaged or if the landlord has filed an execution case.

• Planning of the apartment - Even if you, as a buyer, have checked the general condition of the apartment, it is worthwhile to investigate its planning in depth. The engineering department of the local authority can provide answers about the apartment structure, compliance with a restraining or demolition order, unusual construction and more.

• Discover the hidden flaws - Often the apartment owners try to hide the real state of the apartment to complete the deal more quickly. Through a thorough examination it is possible to check if there are defects in the apartment such as moisture, drainage problems or improper electrical infrastructure.

Urban Renewal

Urban renewal is a special project aiming to upgrade and boost old residential areas and turn them modernistic. We try to make the most of the areas, leaving green and natural areas, elevation building, replacing old infrastructure. Paving roads & building public institutions.

There are two main routes within the urban renewal. The first route is called evacuation construction where tenants are evacuated to temporary rentals. Their old apartments get demolished during this time and new ones are built. New and modern apartments are built over the ruins with advanced technical specification which include elevators and parking spaces.

The second route is TAMA 38.

Within this route, old buildings are being reinforced against disasters such as rocket attacks or earthquakes or other weather-related issues.

A professional attorney plays an important role in urban renewal. The qualified expert offers a range of services including negotiating between the tenant and entities performing the evacuation or construction 38. The expert offers top notch consultation on matters such as praise, levy, legal representation, contracts and much more.

Shared housing – How Does This Work?

Shared houses are usualy a two-apartment building or more. Each apartment is privately owned, but the remaining parts of the building are jointly owned, namely the roof, elevator, power cabinets, shelter and more. One of the more noticeable benefits of managing apartments is that the tenants can form their own policies. This is precisely where the attorney comes in. Since common tenants don’t have usual laws, it’s important to draft the contract & make it for the benefit of all tenants involved. The expert lawyer provides advice on common home issues such as registration with the real estate bureau, choosing the right management company, replacing the apartment committee and much more.

Real Estate Taxation – How Much is There to Know?

If there is one issue of great importance to note here, then it is that of real estate taxation, which is enshrined in the 1963 Land Taxation Law in Israel. Any private individual who seeks to sell any real estate in Israel (private apartment, shop, garage, office or agricultural plot), Must pay real estate tax. This tax is calculated according to various measures: day of sale, value of sale and date of purchase. A citizen who does not pay real estate tax on time is likely to be fined. Therefore, if you intend to sell, it is a good idea to contact a lawyer to make sure you are paying the right amount at the right time.

Do not get left behind with endless bills and paperwork. Let an expert lawyer like the attorney’s office of Aviv Tasa handle all your real estate related projects.

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