coronavirus ISTOCK

The Health Ministry announced Wednesday that the number of coronavirus patients diagnosed in Israel has risen to 97.

Out of 82 patients, 71 remain hospitalized across the country, five are on their way to hospital, three are in-home patients, and an additional three have recovered and been released.

The majority of the patients are in relatively mild condition, four are in moderate condition - and one is in serious condition. The latest is an ambulance driver from the Jerusalem community of Einav who contracted the virus from a group of Greek tourists diagnosed with the disease. He has since developed acute pneumonia and was placed on ventilator.

The World Health Organization officially announced Wednesday that the coronavirus eruption can be labeled as a worldwide pandemic. The organization's spokesman, Adhanum Tadros said that while it has spread across the world, an official definition of the virus has yet to be presented by the organization.

In Iran, considered one of the major centers of the outbreak, the country's vice president and two members of government have been infected. The number of deaths in the Islamic Republic stands at 354 and amount of individuals infected is approaching 10,000. In France, Spain and Germany, more than 1,500 cases of the virus have been documented thus far in each country. Italy alone has reported more than 12,000 cases with 827 deaths.