Preparation in Israel for the Coronavirus
Preparation in Israel for the Coronavirus Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The National Emergency Authority stated that in the case of a mass infection of the Coronavirus, all individuals aged 60 and over in Israel will have to stay in solitary confinement, Kan 11 reported..

This is one of the scenarios developed by the National Emergency Authority, which monitors the situation in Israel and the ways of handling the situation should it deteriorate.

In a scenario in which thousands of people are infected with the virus, hundreds are hospitalized and a few dozen die, the National Emergency Authority stipulated an isolation obligation for all Israelis aged 60 and above. In addition, the Authority stated that the import of goods and raw materials from the world should be reduced and that social and public should be reduced, including the activities of educational institutions. The Authority estimated that in such a situation, at least 10% of workers in the economy will be absent from their jobs.

Another scenario which was examined takes into account a situation where some 40,000 Israelis will be infected with the Coronavirus, about 7,500 people will be hospitalized and about 1,500 will die as a result. In such a situation the steps will be more drastic. Traffic restrictions will be imposed in selected areas of the country and citizens will be required to stay in their homes. Schools will also close and the state will reduce the use of public transport. About a quarter of the workers will not be able to get to work places and goods from the world will not be allowed to enter Israel.

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