Orian Ben Uliel, Amiram's wife
Orian Ben Uliel, Amiram's wife Yoni Kempinski

The Prison Service has notified Amiram Ben Uliel, the main defendant in the Duma Case, that it intends to transfer him in coming days from the guarded wing of the Sharon Prison in the center of the country to the Eshel Prison near the city of Be'er Sheva in the south of the country.

The message comes without any unusual event and for unclear reason.

Ben Uliel's transfer to the prison in the south is a serious blow to Ben Uliel's wife and 5-year-old daughter, who come to visit him in prison every week.

Today, Tuesday, the Central District court will hear a petition of the prisoner filed by Attorney Chai Heber on the matter.

Amiram's wife, Orian Ben Uliel, attacked the Prison Service and the Prosecutor's Office for the decision. "This is abuse for its own sake. During investigatoins, Amiram underwent difficult torture, and since then they don’t stop abusing him and us. Amiram is now in the most difficult conditions of the Prison Service - solitary confinement, no telephone, visits only behind a partition, closed up all day in a tiny cell, even for the couple of minutes that he sees daylight - it is through bars and screens.”

"That’s not enough for them - they just abuse him more and more. All in an attempt to break us, but we are strong. This whole case is a plot and a setup by the prosecutor's office, the Shabak and the Prison Service, which helps them break Amiram. My husband is innocent, and it will soon be proven. This is the State of Israel in 2020. Disgraceful," Ben Uliel said.

In another week there is to be another hearing in Ben Uliel's trial. His attorneys Asher Ohayon and Yitzhak Bam are expected to make the case summaries verbally in accordance with written summaries submitted to the court. In the summaries, his attorneys ask that he cleared of all wrongdoing in light, among other things, of the confessions issued by Ben-Uriel under torture, and the reenactment carried out under the threats of Shabak investigators, contrary to procedure.

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