Two large IDF bulldozers operated this morning, Sunday, for about half an hour in the southern Gaza Strip to collect the body of the terrorist who carried out the attempted bomb placement, and bring the body for burial in Israel.

The body was collected by the IDF as part of the new policy led by Defense Minister Naftali Bennett entailing "a body for a body".

So far in the last three months since Naftali Bennett's entry into the Ministry of Defense more than ten bodies have been collected, and a similar amount of terrorists who crossed the fence have been arrested, with the intention that they will serve as bargaining chips with Hamas in discussions on the return of the bodies of Hadar Goldin and Oron Saul, as well as the return of the two civilians being held by Hamas.

This morning's incident began at about 6:30 a.m., when scouts in the Gaza Division saw two suspects approaching the border fence riding a motorcycle. One of the suspects reached the fence and placed a bomb. Immediately a force from Sayeret Haruv operating in the area was dispatched. The force fired an anti-tank missile at both terrorists, eliminating them. The IDF assesses that the terrorists intended to harm forces and workers.

A few minutes after the incident, army bulldozers arrived at the site of the terrorist's body amid an exchange of fire and,despite the fact that Islamic Jihad terrorists managed to take the second body from the scene before the bulldozers were able to collect it. At least two other terrorists were hit by IDF gunfire.

Islamic Jihad issued a statement claiming responsibility saying, "The brutal crime that happened this morning in Khan Yunis by the occupation will not pass without our response."

"The ease with which the occupation forces place their hands on the trigger will be avenged with the blood of our martyrs, and the response will be to bomb Tel Aviv. We take the incident that happened this morning seriously and the threats of the enemy will not succeed in deterring the opposition of the plans of our response," the terror group said.