The IDF on Saturday evening released a statement that a video of an IDF bulldozer rolling stones at Palestinian Authority (PA) Arab rioters in the PA village of Kadum in Samaria, which has been circulating in social media networks, was edited in an effort to incriminate the IDF.

Arab rioters burned tires and threw stones at security forces as part of a violent demonstration that has been taking place every Friday afternoon since 2011. Soldiers and media personnel have been injured by stone throwers during these protests.

According to an IDF spokesman, about 70 PA Arabs participated in a violent riot in Kafr Kadum, during which tires were set on fire and stones hurled at IDF forces in the area. IDF soldiers noticed a stone barricade intended to prevent them from reaching the site of the riots. While an engineering vehicle was removing the barricade, rioters pummeled the vehicle with hundreds of stones.

The vehicles was supposed to remove the blockade, but when rioters began stoning it repeatedly, unit commanders decided to have it move backwards and, as a result of the change of the direction, some of the stones in the barrier ended up heaved in the direction of the rioters. It has become apparent that the original video was modified, being filmed at a sharp incline. Accelerated editing was apparently used to make the bulldozer's movements appear faster than they did in real time.