Aviv Kochavi
Aviv Kochavi Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

IDF Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi has decided to make changes to the IDF General Staff structure, as part of the multi-year 'Tnuva' program.

The changes were approved by Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, and they stem from the need to strengthen the IDF's multi-branch force as the threats become more complex and grow in scope, while at the same time deepening the military's strategy in general and in the Iranian arena in particular.

Kochavi stated that the IDF's Planning Division will only deal with the multi-branch force building mission, as it is the headquarters for the the development of weapons for the multi-branch forces.

The IDF explained that this focus is timely in light of the multitude of joint projects and multiple management complexities. The Force Composition Division will strengthen the relationship with the Research, Development and Defense Infrastructure Administration and the security industries in Israel, as well as manage and monitor more effectively a series of multi-branch projects and the realization of the Tnuva project

In addition, in light of the emerging threat from the Iranian arena, a new division will be set up under the command of a major general, which will address two key issues: planning and incorporating the military strategy and coordinating the actions to design and plan the campaign against the Iranian threat.

The changes will take effect during the summer of 2020.