Front windshield of the car
Front windshield of the carMDA

An Israeli woman roughly 50 years of age was injured in a stone-throwing attack in western Samaria Monday afternoon.

The incident occurred on Route 446, as the woman was driving between the Israeli towns of Nili and Naale, by the Rantis checkpoint not far from the Palestinian Authority town of Shuqba.

During the attack, a large stone struck the windshield of the victim’s car, smashing it and sending pieces of glass flying at the victim’s face.

The woman suffered minor injuries in the attack.

MDA emergency first responders were called to the scene and treated the woman.

“We got to the scene quickly in an armored ambulance,” said MDA paramedic Alex Romov. “Next to the car, we saw a woman, about 50 years of age, walking around.”

“She told us that while driving, her car had been hit by a stone throwing at it, and that the windshield had been smashed. We performed medical examinations and treated her. She was in light condition.”