Old City of Jerusalem
Old City of JerusalemDario Sanchez/FLASH90

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion on Monday morning addressed the Conference of Presidents Annual Leadership Mission at the Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem.

The Mayor thanked the leaders of the more than 50 Jewish organizations represented, from across the United States, for their continued support for Israel and the city of Jerusalem. He told them of the ongoing efforts to build and develop Jerusalem’s economy, transport system, to improve access across the city, and to protect the environment.

The Mayor noted, “This is our responsibility to all the people of Jerusalem: Jews, Muslims, Christians, religious and secular, young and old, men and women. They are all the sons and daughters of Jerusalem, and every day, I am proud to work to build bridges between all Jerusalemites.”

“There are many people, around the world, who want to divide this city - but we will continue to work to unite the city.”

Thanking President Trump for his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel, Lion reiterated the centrality of the city to the Jewish people, and stated his belief that the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel marked “a key step to bringing peace and stability for the whole region.”

He concluded by speaking of the importance of unity between Jewish communities all over the world, echoing the Conference’s theme “Strength Through Unity.”

“History has shown us that the city of Jerusalem can only be united, when the Jewish people are united,” he said, adding that while there were disagreements, “as Mayor of Jerusalem, I ask all of us: Do not let Jerusalem divide us. Do not let the beating heart of our people – the place we have prayed for, and fought for for 3000 years – become a thing that divides us. Jerusalem must always be a place that unites the Jewish people, and one day all peoples.”