Islamic operatives prepare incendiary balloons
Islamic operatives prepare incendiary balloons Flash 90

The Al-Quds newspaper reports Islamic organizations in Gaza have decided to suspend incendiary balloon warfare in the south.

Other media reported an agreement was reached in talks yesterday with the Egyptian intelligence delegation mediating Israel-Hamas contacts.

However, it will reportedly "take some time" for the decision to reach all personnel involved in launching the explosive balloons. A Hamas official threatened that "there is such a decision, but Israel's behavior could change it."

Earlier, Lebanese newspaper Al-Ahbar reported that Israel had sent a message to the Hamas Islamic organization through Egypt that if Gaza border quiet was not maintained and there is additional escalation, the security system would militarily attack Hamas with U.S. backing.

The Egyptian intelligence mission that recently arrived in the Gaza Strip brought unequivocal Israeli warnings.

According to a source in the Egyptian delegation, Egypt demanded Hamas return to the lull understandings and not to provoke Israel.

The meeting was held in one of Hamas' bunkers and was brief. Hamas leader Yihya Sinwar even apologized to Egypt for absenting himself, explaining that he was afraid someone would try to kill him and he could not trust anyone, including his guests.

Hamas said in response that they had no intention of escalating the situation, claiming that "Israel's economic pressure on Gaza citizens is the thing that brings civilians to the border."