Ram Ben Barak
Ram Ben BarakKobi Richter/TPS

MK Ram Ben Barak (Blue and White) explained in an interview with Radio 103FM on Monday why the members of his party walked out of the Knesset discussion on the terrorism from Gaza which they themselves initiated.

"We came to the plenum and it was completely empty except for the Defense Minister. The Likud boycotted the discussion and this is an important discussion. Parliamentary courtesy requires the Israeli government not to abandon the residents of the south as it has in recent years," said Ben Barak.

He later attacked the members of the government and said, "It should be said honestly, after Operation Protective Edge it was possible to reach agreements that would change the situation, but the Israeli government did not do what was necessary. It seems as though someone is comfortable with Hamas maintaining power in Gaza and therefore he doesn’t solve the problem.”

Ben Barak also criticized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's statement in which he hinted that Israel played a part in Iran’s failure to launch a satellite on Sunday.

"Netanyahu has long ago lost his national responsibility, and he harms a lot of things that we do not want others to know about."