Miriam Peretz
Miriam Peretz Hadas Parush, Flash 90

Amid the decline in the number of immigrants from France and the rise in anti-Semitism, a new campaign with the participation of Israeli educator and Israel prize winner Miriam Peretz and Rabbi Yehuda Ben-Yishai calls on the Jews of France to come to Israel.

The goal of the campaign, reported Israel Hayom, is to bring about 30,000 Jews to Israel in the coming year in order to strengthen their connection with Israel and encourage them to make aliyah.

Miriam Peretz and Rabbi Yehuda Ben Yishai, along with dozens of key figures among French immigrants, are leading the extensive networking campaign called Sion-Reconnec, and in Hebrew - “I seek my brothers.” The two, who lost children and grandchildren in wars and acts of terror, call on the Jews of France: "Visit Israel and connect with your identity."

There are about half a million Jews in France, 300,000 of whom are defined as unaffiliated with the Jewish community.

The campaign targets 70,000 immigrants from France who have already immigrated to Israel and are connected to social networks, asking them to provide details of acquaintances who live in France and are disconnected from their identities.

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