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The anti-missile Flight Guard C-Music (Magen Rakia) system was viewed this week on French President Emmanuel Macron's plane, which arrived in Israel for the Fifth World Holocaust Forum, Ynet reported.

The system, whose devlopment is estimated to have cost hundreds of millions of dollars, costs approximately $1 million per plane, and has been installed in Israeli civilian and military aircraft, as per Defense Ministry guidelines.

The Airbus A330 used by Macron (F-RARF) was fitted with the Elbit Systems technology, which uses advanced laser technology to disrupt various wavelengths, causing missiles operating on infrared wavelengths to deviate from their assigned path and target.

Flight Guard works by identifying an incoming missile and shooting a laser beam at its head, distancing the missile from the plane by disrupting its ability to follow the aircraft's path. It stood up to an extensive series of live missile tests before it was installed on Israeli civilian planes, including those of El Al, Arkia, and Israir.

Ynet noted that so far, Elbit has won contracts worth 2.5 billion shekels ($723,599,450) to provide its Flight Guard systems to countries around the world, and 15 countries are already using the technology.

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