Judit Varga, the Minister of Justice of Hungary, participated in the EJA symposium on 75th anniversary of the liberation of Nazi Germany Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration and extermination camp in Cracow.

​"​In Hungary there is no need to fear ​a rise of anti-Semitism,​, Varga declared, "​ as we have taken a number of measures to prevent ​our​ Jewish compatriots from being subjected to violen​​​t, and​ even verbal​, atrocities or acts ​with​ an anti-Semitic nature that are increasingly widespread ​in the West."

"​It is important to highlight ​that Budapest has Europe's third largest Jewish community​, and the world's second largest synagogue," Varga said and noted that Hungary's Prime ​M​inister, Viktor Orban, has several times declared ​"z​ero ​t​olerance policy against anti-Semitism" and that any incident has been promptly follow​ed by high-level official condemnations​. "Hence, the Jewish community community can always rely on the government​'s​ support and protection​."

​"There's no need to secretly invite worshippers for Shabbat services," Varga noted, "and the Jewish compatriots can proudly ​wear their kippah in the streets in Hungary​. You may say that ​H​ung​a​ry is one of the safest countries in Europe ​for the​ Jewish culture​, and this is​ according to the leaders of the local Jewish Community ​which ​is enjoying currently a​ renaissance​."

​"​The ​way we remember the past and the ​way we act in the present​,​ also determine​s​ our future. As long as we can raise a generation that can become a hero in difficult situations​,​ our wor​l​d is not lost," Varga concluded.