Cold and rainy from north to south
Cold and rainy from north to southFlash 90

Monday's weather forecast is for sporadic showers across Israel, from the Galilee in the north to the edge of the Negev in the south. Occasional thunderstorms are also to be expected, mainly in the north, and it will continue to snow in the Hermon.

The flood warning still stands for the Judean Desert and Dead Sea areas, and there is a slight risk of flooding in the coastal plain. Temperatures are lower than the seasonal average. Monday night's forecast: Sporadic rainfall will continue from Israel's northern sector to the Negev.

Occasional thunderstorms can still be expected. There is a slight fear of flooding in the Jordan Valley, the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea areas. Towards morning, a light dusting of snow is predicted for the northern mountaintops, and possibly for the high peaks of the central mountaintops.

גשמים עזים הבוקר (19-1) ברמת גןקובי ריכטר/TPS

Temperatures predicted for Monday and Tuesday (celsius): Kiryat Shmona: 9-14, Katzrin 7-10, Safed 5-8, Tiberias 11-14, Nazereth 7-11, Haifa 11-15, Tel Aviv 12-15, Jerusalem 7-9, Ashkelon 12-15, Ein Gedi 14-19, Beer Sheva 9-14, Arad 8-11, Mitzpeh Ramon 6-12, and Eilat 13-21.

On Tuesday, local showers will continue to fall in most parts of the country. A flood alert has been issued for rivers in the southern and eastern regions. Rain mixed with snow or light snow may fall on the highest peaks of the northern and central mountaintops for a short period. Temperatures will plunge significantly lower than the seasonal average.