Peretz and Horowitz
Peretz and Horowitz Labor-Gesher-Meretz spokesperson

The Meretz Central Committee on Tuesday evening approved the agreement with the Labor Party on a joint run in the upcoming elections, as well as MK Yair Golan's reserved spot on the Meretz slate.

MK Nitzan Horowitz, chairman of Meretz, said following the approval of the agreement, "Today we approved a move which changes reality. The alliance with the Labor Party is the best news possible for the left-center camp, and the worst news for Netanyahu's immunity bloc."

He added, "The decision to run together removes the possibility that the votes for the left-wing camp will go to waste. The joint run prevents Netanyahu from achieving a majority of 61 MKs, shatters his hopes for immunity in the next Knesset, and prevents the right from winning the elections. It was worth entering politics just for this.”

"This move creates the optimal conditions for a political and ideological revolution, a revolution in which Meretz is returning to be part of the government," Horowitz added.

Former Meretz MK Esawi Frej criticized the approval of the agreement and said, "I wanted to be a partner and not a fig leaf, but unfortunately I remained in a minority position."

"I regret the decision today, also because it means that they have taken away from us the tools to approach Arab society. I do not despair, I will continue to work for the Arab-Jewish partnership, which, even if delayed, will come," he added.

Earlier, Frej appealed to the Meretz court against the union between Labor-Gesher and Meretz, claiming that the agreement is not in keeping with the party's charter.

Frej, who was pushed to the eleventh place on the joint list, claimed that the agreement between Labor and Meretz did not receive the approval of the Meretz institutions. He also demanded that the agreement be brought for a vote by the party's committee.

The joint slate, will be led by, in order, Labor chairman Peretz, Gesher leader MK Orly Levy-Abekasis, and Horowitz. A Meretz representative and two Labor representatives will follow on the slate.

MK Stav Shaffir, leader of the Green Party, will not run as part of the joint slate.