People check in at Tehran's airport
People check in at Tehran's airportiStock

The US Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday ordered all US airlines not to fly commercial flights near Iran, Iraq, the Persian Gulf, and the Gulf of Oman.

The order follows a Tuesday night strike by Iran on US military and coalition forces in Iraq.

It is expected that other countries will also order their airlines to avoid the area, Israel Hayom noted.

British Airways, Scoot Tigerair, and Kuwait Airways have all announced that they will reroute flights to avoid the area, and Air France has said it is suspending all flights over Iran and Iraq.

Israel Hayom added that Singapore Airlines, China Airlines, and Malaysia Airlines have all said they will not fly over Iranian airspace, and Emirates has canceled its flights to Baghdad. Reports also said that Qantas is rethinking its flight routes and will avoid flying over the area, and EVA Air is planning to avoid flying over both Iran and Iraq.

Russia's air transport agency has also recommended not flying over Iraq, Iran, and the Gulf.