Hospital (illustrative)
Hospital (illustrative)iStock

A 54-year-old woman died Monday afternoon after suffering complications from influenza, bringing the total number of flu deaths to 18.

The woman, who died in the Carmel Medical Center, arrived at the on Monday hospital suffering serious heart issues.

The hospital's cardiologist diagnosed the woman as suffering from endocarditis, and underwent urgent catheterization before being transferred to the intensive care unit, where she was placed on an ECMO machine.

However, despite the medical staff's best efforts, the woman did not make it.

At the same time, a 38-year-old pregnant woman arrived at the hospital and was diagnosed as suffering from the flu. After the woman gave birth, she and her baby were transferred to an isolation room, where they received Tamiflu.

On Monday, it was reported that of the 17 Israelis who had died until then of flu, only one was vaccinated, and of the 167 Israelis currently hospitalized in serious condition due to flu complications, only five received the vaccination.