Amir Peretz
Amir Peretz Hezki Baruch

The Blue and White Party is increasing the pressure on Labor Party chairman Amir Peretz to unite with Meretz ahead of the March 2 election.

Channel 12 News reported on Monday that Blue and White officials were sending messages to Peretz stating that they would support his candidacy as the next president of the State of Israel if he agrees to run on a joint ticket with Meretz.

In addition, Peretz was told that Blue and White would consider his party in the coalition negotiations as if he had at least won six seats, even if he wins fewer seats than that.

"History will not forgive you if one of the lists does not pass the electoral threshold," the Labor Party chairman was reportedly told.

Sources close to MK Peretz said in response, "Such promises will only deter him from conducting unity moves."

In the previous election, Peretz refused to unite with Meretz despite much criticism from the left, claiming that the alliance between Labor and MK Orly Levy-Abekasis’ Gesher party draws voters from the right, thereby changing the balance of power.

Peretz said last week that he has not yet made a decision on a possible union with Meretz ahead of the March 2 election.

"In 10 days I will decide whether an alliance with Meretz will benefit the left-center camp," Peretz told an audience in Ramat Hasharon. However, he also added, "Sometimes the whole is not larger than the sum of its parts."

A recent report indicated Blue and White is contemplating suggesting to Levy-Abekasis that she split from the Labor party and join its ranks in exchange for Labor running on a joint ticket with Meretz.

The Blue and White party rejected the report, saying, “This never happened.”