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Today I will tell you the differences between your private account and your Instagram business account, and which one is worth it for your business! You need to read this article before you buy Instagram accounts.

Instagram is the third most used social network in US, behind only Whatsapp and Facebook. Because it was the first social network developed just for smartphones - and because we live in the age when they dominate the market, it is the most popular advertising platform in the market. After Uncle Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, bought Instagram, the social network gained several new features - both for good and for bad. One of them was the business account! You can check on to see some prospective accounts.

What is the Instagram business account? What does it do?

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages of Instagram is this: it divides profiles between people and businesses, where brands have tools to measure, understand and facilitate contact with the public. That way, with this information, you can plan your content more effectively and get to know your target audience.

Interactive buttons

With the business account, you enable the option of the following clickable buttons: phone, address and email. It's a quick and convenient way for your customer to contact you, or find out your address. I always recommend using them according to your establishment!

Instagram Insights

In my opinion, one of the most necessary and useful tools for any successful blogger! Instagram Insights is your profile statistics tool. Through it, you know everything about your Instagram - from how many visits your profile has had, to who your audience is.

How to access Instagram Insights

“Activity” tab: This is your profile data. How many interactions you had that week (profile visits and interactive button clicks) and how many accounts were reached with your posts.
“Content” tab: Here, as the name implies, is the information of what was posted on your profile. Therefore, we have the number of publications, the number of impressions that each one had, results of the stories and possible promotions you have made.
“Audience” tab: This tab has all the information you need to know your audience better and at what times they usually interact with your profile.

I've been working with social media for a while, so I've always had multiple accounts logged into my phone. Every time I posted a photo and had to share it on Facebook, it was a pain because I ended up posting it on the wrong page!

Currently, with the business account, Instagram connects each profile with a specific Facebook account - which helps us a lot! No more photos posted in the wrong places!

No more Facebook page

A new Instagram update allowed us not necessarily to link a Facebook page to our profile! In the past this was a very common complaint that Uncle Mark helped us with! But it's always good to remember: Facebook's reach isn't there, but it's important to have and feed your page!

You might want to have it, and then not want it anymore

That's one of the most magical things: You can have your business profile today, get back to people tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow want the business again! But remember: you will lose all the data Instagram Insights offered you, even if you come back with your business account later. Can’t wait for a prospective Instagram account? You can check some recommendations at accsmarket.