Chabad Hanukah activity for Russians
Chabad Hanukah activity for Russians צילום: חב"ד

Russian speakers in Israel, who are in the eye of the storm of election campaigns aimed at them, are now being "enlightened" by Hanukkah activities such as public lighting of menorahs by Chabad emissaries for Russian speakers.

Over Hanukkah, Chabad emissaries for Russian speakers are traveling to cities across the country to hold holiday activities.

Some of the cities included are Ashdod, Haifa, Ashkelon, Arad, Rehovot, Lod, Rishon Lezion, Ramat Gan, Bat Yam, Nof Hagalil, Migdal Haemek and Netanya.

Alongside the festive ceremonies, a huge Shabbat (Sabbath) event was held last Saturday for Russian speakers in Kfar Chabad, attended by hundreds of people.