Leviathan gas rig
Leviathan gas rigNoble Energy PR

The Ministry of Environmental Protection announced on Monday evening that Noble Energy did not meet the conditions that were placed upon it and therefore would not be able to carry out a testing operation on the Leviathan natural gas rig on Tuesday.

The operation had caused a great deal of outrage among residents of Haifa and the area, who spoke out against it.

The Ministry instructed Noble Energy to set a new date for the test, and provide the public with a two-day notice before carrying out the operation.

It was further determined that the company must obtain the approval of the Ministry that it meets all the conditions for the operation before the new date is set.

Last week, the Jerusalem District Court issued a temporary injunction preventing Noble Energy from undertaking activities on the Leviathan platform due to fears that emission could do irreversible damage to the health of the public.

The Leviathan group said in response, "We were very surprised and sorry to hear about the decision of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Noble Energy is strictly adhering to all the various permits issued to it and which have received the approval of the various courts."

Yaakov Edri, the head of Igud Arim Sharon Carmel and Or Akiva Mayor, commented, "This is a decision that reflects the good of the public first and foremost. Igud Arim Sharon Carmel will continue to work with all authorities to continue providing reliable and transparent information from Leviathan’s coastal air monitoring stations."