Geula Even Sa'ar
Geula Even Sa'ar Courtesy of Kan

Anchorwoman Geula Even Sa'ar, wife of Likud MK Gideon Sa'ar, announced on Thursday evening that she intends to take a two-week vacation from her "London and Geula" program on Kan 11, due to her husband's candidacy for the Likud primaries.

"Dear viewers: Following the program that airs tonight, I will take a two-week vacation," Even wrote on her Twitter account. "During this period (hereinafter: the primaries), I will be with my beloved husband, who is running for leadership of the Likud. London will enjoy my absence from the studio. See you on the ground!"

Earlier this evening, the Likud Central Committee approved the date of the primaries in exactly two weeks, on December 26, and shortly thereafter Deputy Defense Minister Avi Dichter announced his support for Prime Minister Netanyahu.

"I have known Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for 48 years already, ever since we were soldiers in an IDF commando unit. Our paths have intersected over the past 25 years, as Netanyahu in the positions of Finance Minister and Prime Minister, and I as the head of Shin Bet and as a Knesset minister and member. Bibi is a man of decisions and that is the leadership required for the State of Israel at this time."

"Netanyahu has led the country to tremendous political, security and economic achievements. I believe that at this time, Prime Minister Netanyahu is the most suitable candidate among the contenders who can lead the State of Israel in the face of the challenges ahead."

"In the upcoming primaries for Likud - I am with Netanyahu," Dichter emphasized. "I urge you to come out to vote with me for Netanyahu as well."