Composer, leading Zionist entrepreneur, and public figure Yakov Katz (Katzeleh), who was Chairman of the National Union and who heads the Arutz Sheva group, has produced songs from the Katzeleh Shabbat Songs 2 series, and this time Avrami Roth performs.

Lakel is an exciting first single from a second album in the Katzeleh Shabbat series. He composed the special melody for the words "to G-d who rested from all deeds" while travelling, to the tune of evening prayer melodies. When he returned from prayer, he rushed to record the melody and has since waited its turn to be produced.

The familiar Sabbath lyrics with the new tune were perfectly matched to the performance of the emotional Hasidic singer Avrami Roth.

The choice of Roth was due to the fact that, beyond being a talented singer and great musician, he is a humble and pure character who connects his exciting voice with the melody and wonderful lyrics of the Shabbat song.