Alan Clemmons, US State Representative in South Carolina, spoke with Arutz Sheva about the attempt by Democratic presidential candidates to outdo each other in their de-legitimization of Israel.

At the Israel Allies Foundation’s annual Chairman’s Conference, Clemmons condemned the term "occupation" and urged Israelis and Americans to "take the right side" of the issue.

"The latest statements of the White House embrace the law with regard to Judea and Samaria and eastern Jerusalem, and also embrace the sentiment of the American people," Clemmons said. "Support for Israel is a point of American patriotism and we stand with Israel and the US. So whenever the President takes a stand based in law and in reason, we stand beside him, it makes good sense."

"I believe 'occupation' to be a lie," he emphasized. "'Occupation' tends to describe Israel as a thief having forcibly taken land that belongs to someone else. That absolutely is not the case."

Democratic candidates eyeing the 2020 elections, he said, "are trying to out-position each other with regards to the de-legitimization of Israel. And that's a sad state of affairs. Israel should be bringing everyone together in the us, not separating us."

"It's concerning that a major political party from the United States, from the country that took a leading role in the creation of the Jewish State, would take a position that would be so demeaning to that very state."

"Stand strong for candidates that take the right side of that issue," he urged.