David Hager
David Hager Arutz Sheva

A special session on the status of the haredi community in Israel was held at the 2019 Israeli American Council (IAC) National Summit being held in Miami, Florida.

The meeting was attended by businessman David Hager, a philanthropist who is one of the primary supporters of Nahal Haredi (Netzah Yehuda) Battalion, along with President Reuven Rivlin's Chief of Staff Rivka Ravitz, Channel 12 News journalist Yair Sharkey, and Arutz Sheva correspondent Orly Baruch.

The session was held shortly following reports that the IDF had falsified recruitment data to inflate the number of haredi recruits.

Hager said that while he did not have the exact enlistment numbers, he was convinced that in recent times, under two highly respected officers, the head of the army's department for haredi recruitment and the head of the Manpower Directorate, such mishaps were unlikely.

In addition, among the divisions which haredim are recruited to, Netzach Yehudah, the paratroopers, Givati, and the Air Force, the recruitment numbers have been steady and the companies are full.

"The army is doing an incredible job in the field of recruiting the haredim," Hager said. He praised the officers responsible for the recruitment, Lieutenant Colonel Telem Hazan, the the head of the army department for haredim, and his commander, Brigadier General Amir Wadmani, the head of the Manpower Directorate.

"The officers who are leading the project are not giving up because they know their national importance,"

During the conference, Hager also praised US President Donald Trump, who delivered an address Saturday night. Hagar joked that after his second term as president were to end in 2024, Trump could immigrate to Israel and be prime minister for his entire life.