Yariv Levin
Yariv LevinHezki Baruch

Minister Yariv Levin, the chairman of the Likud's coalition negotiating team and a representative in the right-wing bloc, spoke at the weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday on the status of the negotiations.

"We will come to the negotiation meeting in accordance with the invitation of the Speaker of the Knesset. We are finally expecting a change," Levin emphasized. "It is time for Blue and White to stop these objections and this unacceptable behavior."

"It is impossible for anyone to nominate himself as the moral guard and think his morals are better than the morals of two and a half million citizens who want to see Binyamin Netanyahu as prime minister," Minister Levin argued.

"We can't expect anyone to act with arrogance and lasting patronage as we see from the Blue and White party throughout what was supposed to be the negotiations. We are certainly looking forward to hearing a different stance today. Put an end to the disqualifications. Put an end to this position that harms the democratic choice of so many citizens and give a real green light to negotiate and to form a government. It's possible and it's just up to them.

"The responsibility lies entirely with one person and he is Gantz," emphasized Minister Levin, "He must stop stop working for Yair Lapid and stop fearing Yair Lapid and will eventually come to serious serious negotiations."

"Two and a half million citizens who supported Benjamin Netanyahu deserve more respect and a different attitude than the condescending attitude we have received so far from the direction of Blue and White," Levine concluded.