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Women in Israel are having less and less C-section births, in 2018 it dropped to a all time low, 17.4%, Yisrael Hayom published today.

In 2017 the C-Section percentage was 18.3%, 2018 was the lowest year since 2002, half of the percentage of the US, which stand at 32%.

The World Health Organization (WHO) advise C-section to only be used in cases where it is necessary, since it can be dangerous and cause unnecessary complications.

The report showed that in 2018 there were 184,094 births, an average of 504 births a day. Women over the age of 45 are having more children, in 2010 there were 500 births, there were 900 in 2018. Women, from 40-44 had 6,000 in 2010 and 9,000 in 2018.