Rafael and Elazar Ohana
Rafael and Elazar Ohana Courtesy of the family

Elazar Ohana, 3, and Rafael Ohana, 5, were identified as the children who perished in a fire in Netanya on Friday.

Netanya police requested to perform autopsies on their bodies, leading to a disagreement with the family.

Attorney Itamar Ben Gvir, who was called to represent the family, said that the family opposes the autopsies. "The requested autopsies are unnecessary," Ben Gvir said. "This is a harmful and unnecessary step that is contrary to legal standards. There is no suspicion that a criminal offense was committed. The tragedy can be investigated without autopsies that severely harm the family and dignity of the deceased children. Allow them to be buried tonight and if not - there will be a hearing in court."

A discussion followed, leading to an agreement under which the police would rescind their request for autopsy and instead photograph the bodies and take blood samples.

An electrical shortage in a nightlight caused the deadly fire in Netanya, according to a report on Saturday by a special investigative team of Fire and Rescue Services.

According to the report, installed smoke detectors would have saved the children and prevented the tragedy.

"Fire and Rescue Services again implore the public, for your safety and the lives of your children - install smoke detectors in your homes. They're inexpensive and easy to install and definitely save lives."

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