David Bitan
David Bitan Yoni Kempinski

Likud MK David Bitan is optimistic that a national unity government will ultimately be established, preventing a third election within less than 12 months, despite what he claimed were MK Yair Lapid’s efforts to block the establishment of such a government.

Speaking with Arutz Sheva at a right-wing gathering in Tel Aviv Sunday, Bitan blasted the Blue and White party, accusing them of seeking to form a government with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at any cost.

“All that Blue and White cares about is making a government under their leadership, even if that creates serious economic or security problems,” said Bitan.

The Likud lawmaker accused the center-left Blue and White party of not making a good-faith effort to form a unity government with the Likud.

“Blue and White doesn’t want a national unity government, they want a government without Netanyahu, their own government; and then they’ll head back to elections, with the only difference being that they hold the premiership instead of Netanyahu. They know that any minority government won’t last longer than a month.”

Bitan rejected claims that the Blue and White party was looking for Likud MKs to break ranks and help form a government led by Benny Gantz.

“It won’t happen. It can’t happen, and the bill which would permit it – by allowing less than one-third of a party to break away and form a government – is also just spin. There’s no truth in it at all. There is nothing like that happening in the Likud.”

Bitan blamed the ongoing political deadlock, which has left both Netanyahu and Gantz unable to form a unity government, on Blue and White MK Yair Lapid.

“Lapid is torpedoing any chance of a unity government.”

Nevertheless, Bitan believes a unity government may still ultimately be formed, while rejecting the possibility of a narrow right-wing government being formed at the last moment with the support of Avigdor Liberman and his Yisrael Beytenu party.

“The public doesn’t want another election, so everyone will come together. A minority government has no chance – only a unity government does.”