President Rivlin visits IDF Commando Brigade
President Rivlin visits IDF Commando Brigade Mark Neiman (GPO)

President Reuven Rivlin tweeted a message to Israeli citizens amidst the fragile cease fire that may already have been broken: "The State of Israel has again proved in this round of fighting that it will not stand idle when our citizens' security is threatened. We also made it perfectly clear that we are not interested in escalation and that the response to quiet will be quiet.

"Even now, many of our children are not yet back to their normal routines, and neither are their worried parents. I want to express my support for all Israeli citizens, who have again shown their resilience and willingness to follow instructions.

"My thanks and appreciation, on behalf of all Israelis, to our soldiers and their commanders, members of the security, intelligence and rescue forces. It is this resilience that allows our security forces to do their vital work as professionally as possible, as they did this time."

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