Iron Dome
Iron Dome Nehemia Gershuni

Despite the cease fire declared by both sides this morning, an attack alert has sounded in the Shokeda area of the western Negev.

Following the report of activating alerts a few minutes ago, five launches were identified. Iron Dome fighters intercepted two launches.

The IDF Spokesman said this morning that a ceasefire had been agreed on, and all mission parameters of Operation Black Belt had been achieved.

"We achieved all our goals in 48 hours," said Lt general Hadi Zilberman. "We must remain focused in the north, Iran is trying to establish a hold, not only in Syria."

" We used only a small amount of our capabilities, but we were not fighting Hamas, Hezbollah or Iran."

Even though he confirmed the ceasefire he assured that, "the IDF is maintaining a high level of awareness, ready to respond of the ceasefire is broken."

The Lt General continued; "we have been working in recent months to create a new situation in Gaza, the terrorist that was killed worked to destroy that project, causing the Gazan community to suffer."

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