Weapons storage facility in Islamic Jihad operative's home
Weapons storage facility in Islamic Jihad operative's homeIDF Spokesman

IDF aircraft recently completed an additional strike on Islamic Jihad terror targets throughout the Gaza Strip. A primary rocket warhead manufacturing facility where rockets and unique raw materials used for long-ranged rockets are produced in the southern Gaza Strip was among the targets struck.
In this strike, the IDF increased the rate of its attacks and the type of targets.

The Islamic Jihad utilizes its internal rocket production system to renew and maintain its rocket inventory. The array consists of a number of sites throughout the Gaza Strip, each relying on one or more of the steps required in the rocket manufacturing processes: production of raw rocket materials, lathing of metal components, computing, electronics and final assembly.

The Islamic Jihad invests heavily in the infrastructure and resources it uses in the rocket production system, which is considered to be a crucial component in strengthening its organizational capabilities.

In addition, during the strike, IDF aircraft targeted the Islamic Jihad's Khan Yunis headquarters, a weapons storage site in the residence of Adam Abu-Hadayid, an operative in the Islamic Jihad rocket-launching unit who stores weapons in his home.

Lastly, an IDF Navy vessel targeted an Islamic Jihad naval commando unit vessel, used for training for future maritime attacks, as well as a military compound used by the naval commando unit to train and store weapons.

Weapons storage facility in Islamic Jihad operative's home
Weapons storage facility in Islamic Jihad operative's homeIDF spokesperson