The Muslim Quarter
The Muslim Quarter Yechiam Eyal, TPS

Sheikh Ekrima Sa'id Sabri, who heads the Supreme Muslim Council and serves as an imam in Al Aqsa Mosque, said that Jordanian lawyers are helping to close sales and transfer "Palestinian" land in "occupied al-Quds" (Jerusalem - ed.) to Jews.

Sabri noted that homes in Jerusalem's Old City are being sold by "rebellious perverts and wicked mentally ill people" who are asking a high price, in the millions, for the real estate.

He demanded that the suspects be persecuted and these dealings be prevented, noting that some of the suspicious sales are conducted via lawyers' offices in Jordan.

According to him, one of these lawyers was discovered, and the sale was canceled.

Sabri reiterated that according to Sharia law, it is forbidden to sell land to those who are not Muslim. When someone who violated this law dies, his body cannot be washed or covered with a shroud, nor can people pray for their souls after they die, he added.