Rabbi Berland in hearing
Rabbi Berland in hearing Flash90

Exactly two months have passed since the death of daughter of Nurit Ben Moshe, a stalwart follower of Rabbi Eliezer Berland.

Nurit filed a complaint with the police against the rabbi who advised her daughter not to receive medical treatment but to rely on his blessing following her diagnosis of cancer, claiming that Rabbi Berland had helped to kill her daughter.

"I'm here to file a complaint against him for the actions he made," Nurit told the police. "My whole intention is for Berland to pay what he has to pay - and that is what the police should decide. I'm here so no mother will suffer like I suffered, and for him to pay for what he did."

The report said the police investigation will also focus on trying to gather evidence from Rabbi Berland's cult, a closed and extreme community whose members will not necessarily cooperate with investigators. If the rabbi himself is invited for questioning in the future, this will not be his first meeting with the investigators.

He had been previously investigated and convicted of sex offenses and was even sentenced to prison, but he fled abroad. He was caught in the Netherlands and extradited to Israel and imprisoned. He was released early due to his poor health.