Special anti-corruption Lahav 433 unit's offices
Special anti-corruption Lahav 433 unit's offices Flash90

Israeli police arrested 10 suspects wanted in connection to a series of corruption probes, including the mayors of two towns.

According to a statement released by a police spokesman Monday morning, the police department’s Lahav 433 special investigation unit was behind the arrests, which were the culmination of undercover investigations into suspicions of bribery, money laundering, tax evasion, and receipt of illegal funds.

“Ten suspects were arrested this morning and 9 others detained on suspicions of involvement in bribery, receiving illegal funds, money laundering and income tax offenses,” the police spokesman said. “Among those suspected were two senior public figures in local government positions.”

“The investigation was conducted by police in cooperation with the Tax Authority and accompanied by the Central District Attorney's Office,” the spokesman added.

“As part of the ongoing investigation, it was suspected that senior officials along with other suspects allegedly committed corruption offenses involving influential companies in government companies and government institutions.

“The investigation indicates that the suspects operated to advance their business while committing crimes and influenced decision-makers in government companies to advance their interests. It was also suspected that senior officials in local authorities and government offices were also involved in promoting the interests of individuals in exchange for bribes.”

During the arrests Monday morning, police also conducted searches at the suspects’ offices.

“Police operations will continue to investigate and reveal offenses relating to criminal offenses connected to public positions and organizations,” the police spokesman said.