Starbucks ISTOCK

Harel Wiesel, owner of Fox Group, is in talks to establish a food partnership with brothers Ari and Yoram Yerzin, veteran restaurateurs who own several successful restaurants.

Yediot Aharonot reported that the three began to look into the possibility of obtaining a franchise for Starbucks, the coffee chain that failed in Israel 20 years ago.

This time Starbucks may succeed in Israel after changing its image in recent years, upgrading its types of coffee and expanding its range of baked goods and food, and the increase in the number of tourists coming to Israel who are used to the chain adds to its attractiveness.

The three are also considering the possibility of obtaining a franchise for the American burger chain Shake Shack. It's a non-kosher chain that sells burgers with toppings and sauces, along with a milkshake menu. The chain may be kosher in Israel - in which case the milkshakes would be dropped.

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