The rescuers at the scene
The rescuers at the scene Police Spokesperson

Volunteers from the Eilat-Eilot police rescue unit rescued a mother and her daughter who lost their way on a trip and remained overnight in the Red Canyon.

The 50-year-old mother and her 14-year-old daughter went on a hike yesterday in the Red Canyon in the Eilat Mountains, lost their way and stayed all night in the desert without water.

It was only in the morning, after walking further, that they managed to obtain cellular reception and called the police, with only eight percent battery life remaining on the phone.

Ten volunteers from the rescue unit managed to locate the mother and daughter. They were treated at the scene, as they were dehydrated, and then began the hike to a gathering point before being removed from the canyon.

Israel Police recommends planning hiking trips in advance, including hike duration and informing another person (not on the trip) of hike duration who, if contact is lost with the hikers, will contact police and rescue officials.

Police also recommend avoiding hiking on unfamiliar and unmarked routes and not setting out in extreme weather and against rescue and emergency department guidelines.