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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu responded to the murderous attack in Halle, Germany on Wednesday night.

"The terrorist attack against the Halle community in Germany on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of our people, is another manifestation that the anti-Semitism in Europe is increasing."

"On behalf of the people of Israel, I send condolences to the victims' families and wishes for a speedy recovery for the wounded. I urge the German authorities to continue to act resolutely against the phenomenon of anti-Semitism."

Chairman of the New Right and former Diaspora Minister Naftali Bennett responded to the attack by saying: "Diaspora Jews and Israeli Jews are brothers, Whenever a Jew is in danger in Germany, Israel is worried."

Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz said: "Our hearts go out to the Jewish Community in Halle, Germany. I send my condolences to the families of the victims and my wishes to the wounded for a speedy recovery. The anti-Semitic attack that was carried out specifically on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year, joins a series of serious events against Jews around the world and demonstrates the need to fight against anti-Semitism."

Shas chairman Aryeh Deri said: "The shocking terrorist attack in Germany, on the holiest day for the Jewish people, again shows that anti-Semitism continues to strike Jews only because of their Judaism. We expect the German government and the other heads of state to fight any anti-Semitism."

ADL (the Anti-Defamation League) issued the following statement concerning the shooting attack. "It is heartbreaking to learn of yet another attack near a synagogue, this time on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year for Jewish people. Reports of two dead and others injured after at least one shooter opened fire in Halle, Germany. We will continue to monitor this devastating situation as we mourn those lost and pray for those who are affected."

"We particularly are grateful to those in law enforcement who help to keep our houses of worship and communal institutions safe and secure on this day and every day, in the US and around the world. ADL will remain steadfast in its mission to fight anti-Semitism wherever and whenever it may occur."