Anti-circumcision activists
Anti-circumcision activists iStock

The leadership of the Orthodox Union, the nation’s largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization, on Friday expressed their deep concern over the Swedish Centre Party’s vote to fight the non-medical circumcision of boys.

“The Swedish Centre Party’s decision to promote a ban on religious circumcision is synonymous with calling for the end of Jewish life in Sweden. Religious circumcision is a core Jewish obligation which has been practiced for over two millennia,” said OU President Moishe Bane.

OU Executive Vice President Allen Fagin added, “The Swedish Centre Party’s decision to promote a ban on religious circumcision would lead to the exodus of Jews from the country. We ask that they hear our concerns, understand the importance of this issue and respond accordingly.”

The Swedish Centre Party voted last week by a majority of 314-166 at its annual meeting to work to fight the non-medical circumcision of boys. Party chief Annie Loof was among the party leaders who criticized the vote.

Last year, a leader of the Sweden Democrats party submitted a draft motion calling for a ban on non-medical circumcision of boys, which the text claimed is “backward” child abuse.

There have been other initiatives to ban circumcision in Europe in recent years.

Last year, a petition calling for a ban on male circumcision in Denmark went to parliament after organizers amassed more than the 50,000 signatures required to bring it to a vote.

However, the Danish Health Minister later clarified that her government would work to combat a bill proposing to ban circumcision in the country.

In early 2018, Iceland dropped a controversial bill which would have banned circumcisions for minors and would make those performing circumcisions on children – as well as parents who arranged circumcisions for their children – liable for jail time.

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